Cruising: Macquarie Island

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Caroline Brodar, of the Gold Coast, on her first cruise.


Elephant seal and penguin encounters.


Macquarie Island, in the Pacific Ocean, about halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica.


Caroline cruised with her husband, Wally, and daughters Katherine, 21, and Samantha, 16, on a subantarctic cruise with Orion Expedition Cruises.


“Macquarie Island was the big highlight of our cruise. It was an amazing time.

We went on to the island and had elephant seal pups coming up to us on the beach. We were told you can’t approach the wildlife but if you just sit there or stand there, they come towards you.

They were so inquisitive and to have one rest his head on both my husband and daughter’s laps was unbelievable. They look at you with their doey eyes and they just melt your heart. Then you see what they look like when they’re older and they turn into such ugly things!

Also, to sit there and watch penguins march past in groups of three or four and to watch Royal penguins play and swim in the shallows, it was just like being in a David Attenborough documentary.

The penguins stop and look at you as if to… (click here to keep reading this article by Jane E. Fraser)


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