Getting a good seat on a flight

Window seat or aisle? Up the front with the crying babies or down the back near the toilets?

Trying to choose where to sit on a long-haul flight can be a case of the lesser of evils. Some try for the bulkhead at the front of the cabin, some will do whatever it takes for a seat in the exit row and others go for less popular seats on half-empty flights in a bid to get the coveted extra seat.

There is just no guaranteed solution for an easy flight.

Adding to the old window-versus-aisle debate are new evidence-based guidelines showing sitting in the window seat can increase your risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on long flights. The American College of Chest Physicians says travellers sitting in a window seat tend to have limited mobility and are at greater risk of DVT, especially when other risk factors are present (see “Cheers to that”).

Once you have decided where on the flight you want to sit, getting what you want often comes down to how savvy you are. This can mean everything from reserving a specific seat when you book to asking at check-in and keeping an eagle eye on board.

Another option now available to the everyday traveller is setting up a free “seat alert” through the website… (click here to keep reading this article by Jane E. Fraser)

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One Comment on “Getting a good seat on a flight

  1. Thanks Jane, I need a reason to move away from a window seat and be subjected to trolley bumping and toilet visit access issues – the shaddow of DVT is compelling. :)

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