How we get our travel inspiration

Where do you get your inspiration for holidays?

If you look at where travel companies are investing their efforts, you’d think social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter are playing a big role in our plans and choices. But are we paying much attention to these platforms – aside from clicking on the occasional “like” button in the hope of winning a holiday?

A recent study by the major British advertising company Conrad Advertising threw some tangible information into a long-running debate on whether social media really influences travellers. The study, which involved interviews with more than 2000 travellers, found that while social media might be widely used, it was not considered the best source of inspiration and recommendation by travellers.

Only 8 per cent had used Facebook for planning a holiday in the previous 12 months and only 5 per cent said Twitter had any influence on their decision-making. Newspapers, holiday brochures, websites and television continued to be the most used sources of information and inspiration.

However, the use of social media is still in its early stages in travel and its influence is likely to grow as travel companies get more innovative with their social media offerings, rather than just using the applications to throw marketing information at consumers.

KLM recently launched a “Meet & Seat” service that allows travellers to… (click here to keep reading this article by Jane E. Fraser)

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2 Comments on “How we get our travel inspiration

  1. According to travel market research firm PhocusWright, social networking is one of the most powerful forces driving travel planning today. The firm found that social media use among travellers is growing far faster than the travel industry itself. Unique monthly visitors to social travel sites jumped 34% between the first half of 2008 and the last half of 2009.

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