At last, a scream-free zone

They call it a “quiet zone”, but what it really means is no screaming kids. No-frills airline AirAsia X has taken a step that many travellers have dreamed of: creating a child-free zone at the front of the aircraft. The first seven rows of seats on long-haul flights across Asia and to and from Australia […]

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Can you afford to stay in Sydney?

Sydney could be heading for a time when ordinary Australians and visitors will not be able to afford to stay in its hotels, the industry is warning. Lack of investment has already pushed hotel occupancy rates above 85 per cent – which in reality means the city’s hotels are full much of the time – and […]

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Buckle up for cheap flights to Paris

When AirAsia recently promoted a “world domination sale”, it was as much a statement of intent as a catchy marketing line. From relative obscurity a few years ago, the no-frills carrier has become a significant player in the Australian market and plans to challenge the leisure business of leading airlines. In a clever marketing ploy, […]

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