Complete guide to smooth flying

Like most things in life, flying gets easier with knowledge and practice. Knowing your way around check-in, airport layouts, security checkpoints and how to settle into a long flight can make the journey something to look forward to rather than to suffer. Making a booking Getting to the airport Checking in Getting through security On […]

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How to get more space on a flight

Remember the good old days when planes flew half-full and we regularly got to stretch out across a row of seats? You’d get onboard and start scoping out the rows around you, ready to pounce on some extra space the minute the flight levelled off. Sadly, airlines got better and better at yield management, or matching […]

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Jet lag: what really works?

Here’s what I know for sure about jet lag: it happens when it happens and there’s not a lot you can do about it. I can do several trips without experiencing any jet lag at all and then wham, I feel like I’m walking through treacle. I’m lying awake in the middle of the night, watching […]

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Just tell us what’s going on!

You’ve no doubt been there: hovering around the information desk in an airport, trying to be patient as you wait to find out what’s happened to your flight. It should have taken off hours ago but you’re afraid to even go to the toilet in case you miss that vital bit of information that will finally […]

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Worst airline passengers

People, if you are going on a plane, you need to wear deodorant. I don’t care what you do the rest of the year, but I do not want to be subjected to your body odour when we’re squashed into a confined space with limited air flow. I recently sat next to a man who […]

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Guess what, you’ve missed your flight

If you’re one of those people who cut it a bit fine at the airport, you might want to think about changing your modus operandi. Imagine getting to a checkpoint and being sent back because a computer says you don’t have enough time to get through airport processes and make your flight. Your airline gets a […]

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Watch out for tight connections

It’s a horrible feeling, looking at the arrival time for your flight and wondering if you’re still going to connect. Most travellers opt for the shortest-possible connections when flying, yet it only takes one delay to set off a domino effect of missed flights and misplaced luggage. If you’re travelling with a single airline, it is […]

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At last, a scream-free zone

They call it a “quiet zone”, but what it really means is no screaming kids. No-frills airline AirAsia X has taken a step that many travellers have dreamed of: creating a child-free zone at the front of the aircraft. The first seven rows of seats on long-haul flights across Asia and to and from Australia […]

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Looking for a round the world flight?

Backpackers and other around-the-world travellers can search and book complicated flight itineraries on the internet using new multi-country flight finder Indie. Launched by popular travel guide site BootsnAll, the free flight-finder can handle itineraries with up to 25 sectors. The chief executive of BootsnAll, Sean Keener, says travellers wanting to book more than six sectors used […]

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What’s next for inflight entertainment

Imagine stepping onto a plane for a long-haul flight and finding there is no screen in your seat. Or walking into a hotel room and seeing a big empty space where the television used to be. Don’t panic. This is all about improving your entertainment options, not taking them away. Tablet computers are infiltrating the travel […]

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