When is the best time to book travel?

Forty-two may be the meaning of life but it seems six is the magic number when it comes to flying. Research by the flight search website Skyscanner has found six weeks ahead of travel is generally the best time to book a long-haul flight. The finding, which was gleaned from three years’ of data, applies to both budget […]

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City passes: worth the money?

Three major attractions in one day? Please tell me you’re not serious. This was the selling point of a city pass I saw advertised, with promises of huge savings on entry fees to some of a city’s most popular tours and attractions. Among the choices were a major zoo, some first-class museums and world-famous buildings […]

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You might have missed…

Apologies for the break in transmission, I’ve been away.  Here’s what you might have missed: Why do we need six months’ validity on our passports? Travel trends: We know everything about you Beware those sneaky hotel fees

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Craziest new hotels

If you think all hotels are the same, try staying in one of these wacky digs. In a hole, under the sea, on the edge of a cliff . . . not places that generally come to mind as somewhere to bed down for the night. But everything goes with a spate of novelty hotels […]

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Crackdown on online reviews

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission this week said it was tackling the issue of fake and paid online reviews to stop businesses taking advantage of consumer trust. It is not before time and is particularly relevant to travellers. Online reviews play a huge role in our choice of hotels, tours and other products.  Numerous studies have […]

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Cruising: Varanasi

“As we approached the ‘burning ghat’, everyone was quiet; a hush pervaded the scene,” says Bruce Gates. “The ‘burning ghat’ is where they burn bodies, which are brought to the water’s edge wrapped in white sheets. “At first we felt uncomfortable – it is something very private and we felt a sense of intrusion – […]

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Can you rely on free travel insurance?

Everybody loves a freebie, especially if it’s at the expense of a bank making huge profits. But is free travel insurance something we can trust? Many travellers rely solely on the insurance that comes with their gold or platinum credit card, but others prefer a stand-alone policy. The problem with any insurance policy is that […]

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Cruising: Galapagos Islands

“We were looking for land iguanas when we heard a stomping noise and there was a giant tortoise on the track,” says Bruce Godden. “It was about a metre wide and stood almost a metre high, so it was pretty big, although we were told they can get a lot bigger. Our guide said this one […]

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Jet lag: what really works?

Here’s what I know for sure about jet lag: it happens when it happens and there’s not a lot you can do about it. I can do several trips without experiencing any jet lag at all and then wham, I feel like I’m walking through treacle. I’m lying awake in the middle of the night, watching […]

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Cruising: St Petersburg

“Seeing the magnificent Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood was the highlight of our visit to St Petersburg,” says Peter Bentley. “The colourful outside of the church is stunning and the mosaics and icons of the interior are quite amazing; the work of many famous Russian artists. “The church was built in the era of […]

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