Do we really need internet on planes?

Am I the only one who doesn’t want internet access and mobile phones on planes? Is it not the last bastion of getting away from it all, short of heading off into the wilderness? Even my favourite camping spots have mobile phone coverage these days (although I have been known to be ‘out of range’ […]

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Should kids get cheaper seats on planes?

As a parent I shouldn’t say this, but I don’t understand why children get cheaper seats on planes. Little people occupy the same seats as big people and my kids eat more than I do, so they’re no cheaper to have on board. Many children also weigh almost as much as I do, so there’s little […]

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Are we really a different species?

What’s so special about female travellers? I keep seeing reports about catering for the burgeoning ranks of women travellers but I struggle to think of anything I need that a male traveller wouldn’t. The only thing I can come up with is a chain or bolt on hotel room doors, so you can lock them from […]

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Baggage handlers behaving badly

I had to laugh at all the fuss this week over a YouTube clip of Canadian baggage handlers tossing luggage around. Travellers from all over the world have been flocking to social media to express outrage over bags being dropped several metres from an aircraft into a luggage bin at Toronto’s international airport. No, it’s not funny when […]

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Dodging Delhi belly… and worse

Shall we add it to the list of ‘Dumb Ways to Die’? Heading to high risk holiday destinations without vaccinations is about as smart as eating a tube of superglue, but more and more Aussies are doing it. Analysis of the Department of Health’s notifiable diseases data by the comparison company shows a spike in exotic diseases […]

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The most visited attraction in the world

If I asked you to guess some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, what would be on your list? The Eiffel Tower? The Great Wall of China? The Taj Mahal would probably rate a mention, along with the Pyramids? Oh, but hang on, what about Angkor Wat, Vatican City, Machu Picchu, the State of Liberty, the […]

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How to get more space on a flight

Remember the good old days when planes flew half-full and we regularly got to stretch out across a row of seats? You’d get onboard and start scoping out the rows around you, ready to pounce on some extra space the minute the flight levelled off. Sadly, airlines got better and better at yield management, or matching […]

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April Fools

I have much admiration for people who come up with clever April Fools’ Day pranks; it takes a lot of imagination, time and effort to come up with a winner. In celebration of April 1st, here are a few pranks that have been played by airlines and other travel industry folk over the years. Don’t say […]

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What’s Australia’s most iconic site?

What would you say is Australia’s most iconic site? The Rock? The Bridge? The Opera House? Maybe the Reef? Which single icon says the most about Australia and what defines us? Many would point to Uluru as the spiritual heart of Australia, yet so few Australians have actually been there. Others would say you can’t go past […]

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When will NZ become ‘domestic’?

I really thought it would have happened by now, with the numbers of people flying back and forth across the ditch and the relatively low security risks. I can fly to New Zealand a lot faster than I can fly to Perth – often cheaper, too – but there’s still the hassle of taking an international […]

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